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“Praise the Lord you strong and mighty angels who obey his commands, who listens to what he says.” ~ Psalm 103:20

Having understood that angels are messengers sent by God to pass forth His message and to establish His will here on earth, why then do we need angelic help?

As humans, even though we have been given dominion over the earth we live in, we need to understand that we are still at war with the prince of this world, who roams the earth to and fro. One thing we need to be constantly aware of is the devices of the enemy, for the enemy thrives when believers are ignorant. But God has sent forth His angels for a major purpose, which is to protect us wherever we go. They protect us from harm in both the spiritual and physical realms.

God is well aware that, as long as we make up our minds to follow Him, we will constantly be at war with the prince of this world. He has already said that the prince of this world comes to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10).

As long as we continue this journey of following Christ, we will forever remain a target for the enemy. But with the help of the Lord through His angels, we can be assured that we are protected and covered.

Even though these angels cannot be seen with our physical eyes, they are always with us, doing the will of the Father here on earth. With prayers and an opening of our spiritual eyes, if it pleases the Lord, He can reveal them to us to see.

Prayer: Father, help me be aware of the devices of the enemy at all times.

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