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“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork” Psalm 19 vs 1.

The glory of God can be seen massively in all of his creations, from the creations of the firmaments of the earth, to land and all the things that creep on it. Truly there is no master creator, perfect in all of his creations as our maker.

In the book of Genesis chapter 1 we see the story of creation, and how the world came to be. All through it, one thing you can see prominent is the magnitude of God’s glory.

In case you need to get a physical understanding of what this means, you can do well to take a break and look outside. Look at how beautiful the sky is, the trees and the birds in the air. The sight of creation is one to behold as it reminds us of how great our father is.

Through God’s creation, we get a glimpse of the power and divine nature of God, as we know that only he can do all things. The beauty of his works are somewhat a glimpse as to how beautiful our Father is.

His works proclaim his mightiness, and in return brings glory to his name.

That is why we as individuals ought to ensure that our lives bring glory to our maker, for we are his creations; the only one made in his likeness. Therefore, we ought to live our lives reflecting the glory of the potter who made us.

Prayer: Lord, please help my life to glorify Your name.

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