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Give me the wisdom and knowledge to lead them properly, for who could possibly govern this great people of yours?2 Chronicles 1:10

The story of Solomon is seen in the book of 2 Chronicles. Solomon performed an act—the sacrifice of 1000 burnt offerings, which was very pleasing unto the Lord. He was asked for one thing which he wanted, and he asked for wisdom. God Himself was pleased by Solomon’s choice.

What an opportunity Solomon had; to be given a blank cheque by God. If you were given such an opportunity, a million options would run through your head in the span of a minute. There are countless other things, such as; wealth,  good health, a good family, and so much more, you would easily opt for. But Solomon realized the utmost importance of wisdom and even till date he is seen as the wisest king ever to have reigned on earth!

The wisdom of God is priceless. It reveals, teaches, and upholds one. It keeps us away from trouble as our eyes remain fixated on worthy things. As Solomon recognized the beauty of God’s wisdom, we must do the same.

Solomon’s choice of wisdom is a ticking reminder that being able to judge what is right and what is wrong is of great expediency. The wisdom of God really cannot be compared to any other thing. It is divine, unsurpassed, and readily available for as many who ask for it! We must recognize how much we need the wisdom of God. Only then can we fully operate on it and apply it as we ought to.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, thank you for Your infinite wisdom that You have freely bestowed upon us. Help us to always recognize the importance of the wisdom of God. Amen.

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