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2 Timothy 10 vs 13: “if we are faithless, he remains faithful for he cannot deny himself”

One of the many attributes that describes the God we serve is Faithfulness. Even the bible verse above tells us that God remains faithful towards us because he cannot deny himself (ESV). in other versions we see it translated as; he cannot be false to himself.

This ultimately means that it is his nature to be faithful and so it is impossible for him to act outside faithfulness.

The word faithfulness means to remain loyal and trustworthy, and as Christians who want to enjoy the faithfulness of God, it is expected that we start by building our personal relationships with God.

God loves each and every one of us, so much that he wants to have a deep relationship with us. A relationship which simply entails talking to him (praying), engaging by fellowshipping with him and enjoying his presence fully.

When we build our relationship with God, making him our friend and all that matters, in return he remains faithful to us.

He remains with us, loving us, directing us and helping us every step of the way.

So much so that even when we go through trials and tribulations we are not bothered, because we have a God who has promised to be faithful to us through every step of the way.

Taking David as an example, in the book of Psalms chapter 23 we see him write on how he fears no evil walking in the valley of death. Why is that? Because he had already built a relationship with God, a relationship that leads him on the path of righteousness (vs3).

As a result of his relationship, he engaged in prayers by fellowshipping with God, hence trusting God’s person. He trusted that God would see him through difficult times and because God is faithful, he got to encounter God in his faithfulness.

Want to encounter the faithfulness of God? Then start by building a relationship with him.

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